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Thursday 11th June 2015

Cavendish Conference Centre, Tower Hill, London

Gaminomics 2015

Amazing people, awesome content and great food.

Gaminomics event brings together designers, developers, scientists and commissioners passionate about exploring the power of games beyond pure entertainment. The day is setup as a playful adventure for inspiration, discovery and debate on applied games and gamification.

Photos from the day (provided by David Wortley) can be found here.

08:30 – Doors open. Breakfast w/ coffee, tea, Danish pastries, fruit, yoghurt…

09:15 – Welcome + Intros Kam Star, PlayGen @playgen

09:30 – Will the real Mary Poppins please stand up?

Be it playful design, gamification: It usually takes about five minutes until the Mary Poppins tune “Spoonful of Sugar” is evoked. This talk will explain why this reference is both true and false, how we can indeed draw two radically divergent theories of fun from game design and psychology, and what this means for designing for fun and engagement.
Sebastian Deterding, Coding Conduct @dingstweets

09:50 – Enterprise + Games & Gamification

  • Beyond the Leaderboard – The Future of Workplace Gamification
    Cognify’s latest product – SynQ/Engage – is a pioneering app underpinned by gamification strategies that helps organisations tackle the challenges faced in periods of change and growth while providing a practical and motivating app for the employee.
    Tim Hall, Cognify @Cognify
    Play online now: Login: cry v1de0s
  • Gamify your strategy
    Building on the tradition of Prussian Kriegspiel and the Scandinavian approach to learning and leadership, gamification can help modern organizations to develop, improve and execute their strategies.
    Ask Agger, Workz @askagger

11:00 – Morning break w/ coffee, tea and biscuits

11:20 – Health & Science

  • Gaming for Cancer Research – building science analysis components into games to accelerate research
    A brief overview of our Citizen Science programme; how we plan to use game components and questions this raises for how we work with games developers.
    Leslie Harris, Cancer Research UK @LittleVenetian
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11:50 – Policy, Citizens and Democracy 

  • Pirate Fishing: An Interactive Investigation
    Award-winning filmmaker and investigator, Juliana Ruhfus, worked with Altera Studios to develop her expose with an interactive, gaming element. Users can become journalists and gather evidence, notes and information by watching video clips.
    Juliana Ruhfus, Al Jazeera English @julianaruhfus
    Play online now:
12:45 – Hot-fork buffet lunch w/ dessert

13:45Afternoon Introductions
Change-makers & new tools for innovation
R&D Support projects including :

RAGE: Components and assets to support development of applied games and gamification.
Visit RAGE now :

NEMOG: New Economic Models & Opportunities for digital Games.
Visit NEMOG now :

14:15 – Session 1

  • Creativity Support tools for business-driven workshops
    The COLLAGE project is exploiting new synergies between the social Web phenomenon, collaboration and gaming technologies to energize and enable social creativity. The aim of the session is to show an innovative portal aimed at facilitating brainstorming by car industry managers.
    Fabrizio Giorgini, Lattanzio Learning Spa + Dimitris Apostolou, ICCS #collagefp7
  • Neuromedia Gaming
    Neuromedia is a new term for designed media content that has been informed by, created with, or developed for, any type of Brain Computer Interface (BCI). This presentation summarises 5 years research practice into Neuromedia and gaming.
    Karen Cham, Rhizometric Design Ltd.
  • Using games to engage citizens
    This interactive session will explore different ways of using games to engage citizens with issues that affect them on many levels – from understanding and influencing policy change to visiting tourist attractions. We will briefly describe some of the large projects at York – we are Recruiting!!!! and work with the audience to develop new ideas!
    Emma Brassington + Peter Cowling, University of York @projectNEMOG
  • First World Problems- Building Shame and Guilt into Gameplay
    First World Problems uses a simple AI called BANE to create feedback that promotes shame and guilt in game players.
    Dana Ruggiero, Bath Spa University @dana_ruggiero
  • Playing at it – how a game theory put PHD on the podium
    How Code helped PHD transform their business using a gamified, global operating and strategy system. Code’s CEO explains the details of the game was conceived, developed, how it has been received and ultimately how it helped PHD win some of the world’s biggest clients.
    Matt McNeany, Code WorldWide @mmcneany
  • Gamification and Psychology: Strange Bedfellows?
    An overview of the relationship between Gamification and recent developments in Psychology (and Behavioural Economics) to show some key linkages that can directly impact the effectiveness of Gamification implementations.
    Marc Atherton, Allaxa @marcSatherton
14:50 – Session 2

  • HatParty & StarQuest
    Not one but two hands-on platforms you can play with that support social creativity and collaboration. HatParty is a racing game with inspirational search that helps groups generate ideas and rank them in record time. StarQuest is a social collaboration platform based on competition, cooperation and turn-taking.
    Kam Star, PlayGen @playgen
    Play online now: &
  • Gamification of learning
    Sprogglers is an online game for children to help them learn whilst having fun.  Or to put it another way: Learning by stealth!
    Ruthine Burton, Tame Toad Ltd. @sprogglers
    Play online now:
  • Collective Game Intelligence
    Using data from games designed purely for entertainment to answer questions of social & scientific importance
    Sam Devlin, YCCSA @ProjectNEMOG
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  • Can a gamified CRM really be fun to use?
    We’ll look at how the gamification in helps on-board users, feeds back on your key skills, encourages you to feel part of and act as a team and then cash in rewards earned for using the system well.
    Pete Jenkins, GamFed @petejenkins
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    Username: mary Password: mary
    Free trial version
  • Gaming technology and Virtual Reality
    The session looks at the evolution of games technologies over the last 30 years and their application outside games with a specific focus on the second coming of Virtual Reality.
    Jonathan Newth, Tenshi
15:20 – Afternoon break w/ coffee, tea and home-made cake

15:55 – Session 3

  • Firefly Game
    Learn the research behind the game. The patterns and speed of the lights of the firefly game LED badges are based on the flashing patterns of real fireflies. The game is played in the dark to explore the players use of their temporal memory and player interactions.
    Pollie Barden, Microsoft Research Cambridge @paba77
  • Are you game for innovation?
    We will explain the science and the fun behind the UK’s first mobile games based psychometric test. This practical and informative session will go through a games based test, explaining how and why it works in a recruitment context.
    Safe Hammad, Arctic Shores
    Download now:
  • The Power of Play
    Can we use gamification to change the world? How human nature requires play to keep us engaged – can we turn life into a game?
    Jeff Coghlan, Matmi @JeffCoghlan
  • The Big 5 Personal Dashboard Design Decisions
    In this seminar Toby Beresford, CEO of personal dashboard platform, which has seen over 8,000 dashboards created on its platform, will highlight the big five decisions you need to consider in your own designs.
    Toby Beresford, Rise @tobyberesford
    Play online now:
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      • DataPlay
        DataPlay is a data analysis and exploratory game application which has been designed around users who may not possess expertise in data analysis or data mining, yet still have a requirement to extract meaningful stories from granular data, in order to bring that raw data to life. Mayur Ahir, PlayGen
        Play online now:

16:30 – Session 4

  • Using Gamification in Workshops and Conference Ice Breakers
    This workshop is a practical hands-on demonstration of the use of Gamification elements to enhance workshops, meetings and conference ice-breakers.
    David Wortley, GAETSS @davidwortley
    Complete survey now:
  • Make a billion pounds this year through fun!
    How gamification in the enterprise space can put billions on your bottom line.
    Seb Haire, ProFinda @sebhaire
  • Designing a Game for a University Business Ethics Course
    This session will introduce a new game, Marketing Mayhem – an award winning 3D interactive immersive game, which helps people develop ethical knowledge, skills and values for business.
    Suzy Jagger, Roehampton University @suzyjaggerdr
  • DefinitiveDx – using game mechanics to improve diagnosis
    DefinitiveDx is the new way for doctors to share and discuss complex patient cases. It enables doctors to: find the definitive diagnosis and best management option for every patient.
    Felix Jackson, medDigital @DefinitiveDx
17:05 – Day’s round up & new connections 

17:30 – Drinks reception